How to Know if a Commercial Mortgage Loan is Right for You

Commercial mortgages can be used for both buying a refinancing land and property solely for business purposes. They operate much like residential mortgage loans, where money in the form of a loan is used to secure a property. Businesses may also use them for residential and commercial development for existing businesses (this can include bars and restaurants), acting as the primary funding for the development. 

Commercial mortgage loans FL are only for business, and because of that, their value tends to be much higher than residential mortgages. They have completely different ways of financing than residential mortgages – buying property, securing land, developing existing business, and adding to portfolios. 

These loans are long-term, repaying over a more extended period of time (the average repayment period is 25 years). Many lenders will allow borrowers a loan amount of up to 70% of the property value. 

Most commercial mortgages benefit both the borrower and the lender. The borrower has much lower payments than they might have if they were renting, while lenders have an added sense of security for repayment. 

Commercial mortgage loans are highly beneficial for numerous businesses. Businesses often see:

  • More money saved from reduced payments (versus renting)
  • Options for subletting to create additional income
  • Expanding trading and general business practices
  • Consolidating debts

Borrowing may require the following during the application process:

  • Three years’ worth of tax returns
  • Or three years’ worth of accounts
  • Bank statements
  • Asset and liability statements
  • Current performance reports
  • Projected performance reports

However, not all institutions are the same. Each one may have its own set of requirements for borrowing a commercial mortgage loan. The best way to know all the details is to set up an appointment to speak with that institution.